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May 27th

It scares me to think that you’re going through what I went through months before.

May 26th

I just want to get on a plane with no destination and go forever.

May 26th

I’ve did the math and I’ve calculated that I hate 75.6% of my school’s population.

May 26th

You love me? You’re a liar.

May 26th


i hate how with each new generation, a new trend, a new annoyance comes about. instead of good change, all this negativity comes up as the years go by. i guess no one knows where to start when it comes to fixing what’s wrong with this world.

May 26th

Writing exercise 2:

Prompt: Monster. 

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May 26th
Anonymous: I have a crush on a boy three years older than me. I'm 12. I've never rlly talked to him but people say he's a douche. I still like him, should I go for it?

Don’t jump headfirst into things like relationships. You and I are still young, so don’t be pressured to get into things like this just yet. 

Things I’ve noticed is that people act differently around certain people. He could be a douche to one person and nice to others. Deciding if he’s boyfriend material? Well, see how he treats you. Hang out with him one day. If you can’t, then just find out for real if he’s a douche. Don’t rely on others. If you really want to be sure about things, do it yourself.

May 26th
❝When you stopped wishing things wouldn’t fall apart, you’d stop suffering when they did.❞
— Looking for Alaska